Our cozy apartments are the perfect holiday home for those who seek privacy and all modern conveniences. The apartments welcome you with a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious interior.
Apartment Mittagsspitz 01/02
approx. 55m² /4 persons
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Apartment Riffler 03/04
70m² | 6-7 Persons
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Apartment Kapplerkopf 301
ca. 28m² | 3 Persons
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Apartment Ablittkopf 302/303
approx. 60m² /5-6 persons
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Apartment Vesulspitz 304/305
approx. 60m² /4-5 persons
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Apartment Rotpleiskopf 107/108
approx. 65m² /5 persons
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Apartment Kreuzjochspitz 207/208
approx. 65 m² | 5 persons
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